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Submitted on
January 26, 2013


18 (who?)
  • Mood: Christmas Spirited
  • Listening to: Sum 41/Three Days Grace
  • Reading: Comics
  • Watching: Adventure Time/Big Bang/Walking Dead/Underemployed
  • Playing: Guild Wars 2/AC3/Torchlight 2
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  • Drinking: Hot Chocolate
Okay so i'm going to do this early now, just to be safe i think ill make it a long deadline for this contest considering last time so many people didnt have enough time to finish up there entries or it would of been cancelled so ill be nice :) Basically it will be Mission 0 related like the last but this time and the contest will last from now till the end of august this year, a day before my birthday and I will either announce the winners on my birthday(September 1st) or I will on the 2nd depending what I am doing that day. This is an art contest so don't forget it doesn't have to be just drawings, it can be paintings or figures(they are usually expensive so i dont expect these but would be cool =P) posters, custom models, plushes any type of crafts or anything you like doing! I will be listing the prizes below and this time there will be 2 different things you can mainly do to enter this contest.

One will be a crossover contest so it could be (for example) Julia fighting heartless with Sora or on her own in the world that never was or the characters cosplaying like Scott Pilgrim vs. the world =P Anything you can think of just if there is something that you may think i will like and you want to draw it, don't be afraid to ask. I will let you know what i think or if you need any help with me explaining just let me know and I will do what i can :) I may give hints at my favorites which might help out!
Anyways here are the topics!

First section like I said will be a crossover where it can be related to any of these topics i like:
Adventure Time
Lilo & Stitch
Attack On Titan
Phineas & Ferb
Assassin's Creed
Uncharted series
The Walking Dead?
Kid Icarus
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Raphael =D)
Borderlands (Lilith Gaige, Maya are my favorites OH and Zero xD)
Digimon(i love Guilmon just so you know ;) Tamers was my favorite season)
Gurren Lagann (Simon is my favorite but Kamina is badass xD)
Death Note
Eureka Seven
Gundam 00 (All the Gundam Meisters i like but Tieria) 
Gundam Seed/Destiny (I love Kira and Shinn xD)
Gundam Unicorn (Banagher and Riddhe!)
Gundam Wing (Quatre!!! XD)
Zeta Gundam
Genesis Of Aquarion
Aquarion EVOL
Kingdom Hearts (XION! :D)
Big Bang Theory
Sword Art Online (Kirito is my favorite but I love everyone ^^)
Code Geass (I love them all but Charles, Lelouch Mom, V.V. and Nina)
Diddy Kong
Megaman X (ZERO!!)
The Last Of Us
Tales of Graces (RICHARD!!!!)
Tales of Xillia (Alvin xD)
How To Train Your Dragon
Scott Pilgrim
Fire Emblem (Jill, Harr, Leonardo, Edward, Ike, Chrom, Marth, Geoffrey TONS OF OTHERS!!!)
Legend of Zelda
Sonic The Hedgehog
Pokemon (Johto is my favorite =) I love Cyndaquil!)
Teen Titans(this version…
(Will add more once i can think of some or if you suggest any i may like)

Remember to ask me if there is something you want to try if you aren't sure. Now onto topic 2!

Second Section, just like before you can draw the characters in there own theme with how ever many characters you want doing whatever you want either digital or traditional but personally i prefer digital and in color if possible please :) I will list the characters again like i did before just so you know who they are.

Julia:Request49 by NamiAne Julia by Astaryael Nathan:Request - Nathan by prim15505 Sketch - Nathan by YaKkOxXxXAkKo Chloe: request 2 by agreeabledragon Character request - dfox20's oc by Clchriskl
Dark Julia:Kiriban - Dark Julia by Meiyo-Chan Julia and Dark Julia by Fenrir2512 by dfox20 Swift the Fox:Gone Huntin' by WolfGirl-CatGirl Request:Swift+ Video by Mihiru93

If you have any questions about them please let me know :) Also here is my group for Mission 0, it isn't finished but on the link it will bring you to my favorites where i try to gather all of my artwork for the characters.

:iconmission-0-official: mission-0-official.deviantart.… :iconmission-0-official:

Last time first place winner: :iconyumi-moony: Contest - Mission - 0 by yumi-moony

All Entries will be placed here: mission-0-official.deviantart.…


1st place: 500 Points + Llama + Watch + Art will be featured in Mission 0 :D also will be featured in my journals and donation box with 3 art of your choosing till the end of the year :D

2nd place: 250 Points + Llama + Watch + Art will be featured as well in game, also will be featured on my journals and donation box with 3 art of your choosing till the end of the year =)

3rd place: 100 Points + Llama + Feature 3 art in journal and donation box till end of the year.

Prizes Donated:
:iconriku4: - Journal Feature (4 Art Pieces of Riku4's choice)+ Page Feature(Winning Entry) + Llama(If available)

:iconnightcore-circus: - Llama + Watch + Bust Drawing + Chibi Drawing

:iconanimamagica: - Chibi Drawing for 1st place + 2nd and 3rd Place gets a headshot

:iconhokimaru: - full body shaded of their oc's for first place

If anyone wants to help with prizes or donate be sure to contact me and I will make a list :)

If you can as well please, please spread the word about the contest =)


Make sure to put "dfox20" "contest" and "Mission 0" and what character/characters you make on the tag. Be sure to also message me whenever you have art to enter please and thank you. =)

I will put all entires here: mission-0-official.deviantart.…

Also if you can please let other people know about this contest so more people can enter :) This contest must have at least 10 different entries from different people or i may have to delay it or cancel the contest.

I think this is everything but I will update the rules as i go on =) I hope everyone has a good day please let me know if you have any questions ^^

-dfox20 :icondfox20:


Current People entering Contest(Will be updated every time posts artwork):

1. :iconpandalover68: - CE: Chloe by pandalover68

2. :iconshironaii:Mission 0- Julia by Shironaii

3. :iconbunnehbunbun: -

4. :iconakihardcore: -

5. :iconfirefox099:Julia and Dark Julia Contest Entry by firefox099

6. :iconnightcore-circus:<da:thumb id="397240618"/>

7. :iconrizzie-chan:

8. :iconhokimaru: -

9. :iconmikakoyama: -

10. :iconsireynia: -

11. :icondemixremixed:

12. :iconsilhouette-txd:Mission 0- Julia and Dark Julia by Silhouette-TxD Mission 0- Julia and Dark Julia by Silhouette-TxD

13. :iconmymoru: -  Chloe by Mymoru

14. :iconlilrwar:Cute Chibi Trio by LilRwar

15. :iconmagicalpikachu-miku:Kid Icarus x Mission 0 by MagicalPikachu-Miku

16. :iconxxstarfallxx:

17. :iconel0calvin:Julia By Dfox20 by el0calvin



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Nightcore-circus Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013
Im done and its one o'clock v , v :meow: i hope you like it ad thats it's not a minus that i has such a bad imagenation to not come up with a background cx…
dfox20 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013
Np at all! It doesn't have to have one =) I'll enter it right away! Thank you for submitting =)
firefox099 Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
finished finally!! sorry it took so long, it says why I took a long time in the description
im so sorry to make you wait this long
I hope you like it!…
dfox20 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013
Oh np at all! ^^ I'll enter the picture right away!
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dfox20 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013
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Shironaii Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist… Sorry about the dullness of the colors, I lost my black pencil ! :(
dfox20 Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2013
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I thought i was in @.@"" 

n i think u should keep Contest journal Short XD Most of the ppl are lazy to read too long journals  n Highlight main points @.@ 
dfox20 Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2013
oops =S sorry I forgot to put you in it. Thanks for the tip! I'll have to remember it for next time, I usually make everything wayy to short xD
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